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System Integration

System Integration allows data existing on disparate systems to be shared or accessed across functional or system boundaries. Why is this important? Companies often find that valuable information is locked away in standalone systems that were not designed to exchange information with other systems. The information would be far more valuable if it could be shared with other systems and applications.


eBusiness is business that is primarily carried out electronically over various networks (e.g., intranets, extranets, and/or the Internet using the World Wide Web) and that typically uses web technology to streamline business processes. It increases productivity and efficiency. It provides facilitated communication with partners, vendors and customers, connects users to back-end applications and databases, and transacts commerce in a secure manner. It's not just about e-commerce transactions, but about redefining traditional business models with the aid of technology to maximize customer value. eBusiness is an overall strategy - eCommerce is just a facet of it.

Web Services: The Future is Here

Anivl IT may be able to help your business with system integration, ecommerce and more. Contact Anvil IT today to learn more and find out if we're the right solution for your business.

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